Concept and Mission

Zayed University Press (ZU Press) is the academic publishing unit of Zayed University. Its mission is to promote and publish scholarly and creative materials through books, journals, and electronic media. ZU Press contributes to the university's mission to promote academic research and outreach to support the national development of the UAE.

Types of Publishing

ZU Press will publish peer-reviewed academic books and journals with particular emphasis on --but not exclusive to-- topics related to the Gulf and the Middle East. Academic books will be published in series, edited by an internal or external series editor. At present, ZU Press publishes the semiannual peer-reviewed periodical Encounters: An International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society, which comes out in a special number format as a book.


ZU Press is linked to the Office of the Provost of the university and managed by an editorial committee of Zayed University scholars.


Zayed University Press print publications are distributed worldwide by I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd